📰Twitter should die and quantum computers

Good News

Twitter hit with 250m fine for misuse of phone numbers

  • Twitter uses SMS based 2FA (lmao why?)
  • Twitter then used the phone numbers collected for 2FA for marketing
  • Hopefully then allow proper 2FA methods going forward and people lose trust in twitter

The quest for quantum-proof encryption just made a leap forward

  • Quantum computers could break encryption
  • Lattice-based cryptography [1] [2] is the front runner for post quantum cryptography
  • NSA Spooked by quantum computing
  • NSA is confident in lattice based encryption

China spying bad, US spying fine (TikTok sale to microsoft)

  • China trying to block sale of TikTok to Microsoft
  • If microsoft buys TikTok it won't get banned and will continue to invade privacy of it's mostly underage users

Bad News

OnePlus phones will ship with Facebook services that can’t be removed

  • Oneplus got paid fat stacks to not allow you to remove facebook services but it saves battery life so they're doing you a favor

  • Services will send data even without facebook installed

  • Remember when oneplus used to have cheap phones at good spec then it stopped?

  • Remember when Oneplus used to listen to customers then yeeted the headphone jack anyway

  • Remember when oneplus became a shell of what they once were?

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