📰Big tech fines, Teaching ethics lead to more vegans, TOR exit node attack

Good News
Instagram facing huge fines

  • Alleged Instagram using facial recognition violates a state law
  • Could hypothetically be half a trillion dollar fine
  • Instagram states it uses facial recognition to build DBs of users but it also does it to people who don't have insta accounts and didn't agree to the ToS
  • "This suit is baseless. Instagram doesn't use Face Recognition technology," Otway said. (this will later proven to be false, screencap this)
  • Please please please whichever person is in charge of this take a cool half trilly off instagram

Apple facing fines

  • Apple violated patents for LTE tech
  • “Lawsuits like this by companies who accumulate patents simply to harass the industry only serve to stifle innovation and harm consumers,”
    • Apple unironically said this, they unironically shit talked people for harming the tech industry and consumers
    • Apple used harming consumers as an insult against another company
  • "As it stands, Apple will have to pay at least a sum of $506.2 million to Optis Wireless and its related companies." a thorn in the side to a company that deserves a sword through the heart

Facebook facing back taxes

  • Facebook has agreed to pay more than 100 milly in back taxes

Studying ethics leads to more vegans
Title says it all, if you force people to discuss the ethics and morals of eating meat less people will eat meat, because paying to have animals raped and killed completely unnecessarily is a difficult thing to defend.

  • The experiment was conducted with 1,332 UC Riverside students across four different introductory philosophy courses.
  • the sections focused either on the ethics of charity (the control group) or the ethics of eating meat (the treatment group)
  • students in the meat ethics sections likelier to say they thought eating factory-farmed meat is unethical
  • Fifty-two percent of dining card purchases for both the control and treatment groups were of meat products before the class. After the class, the treatment group’s percentage fell to 45 percent.
  • This effect wasn’t driven by a few students becoming vegetarians, but by all students buying slightly less meat.

Bad News

Tor Exit node attack

  • A group that at one point controlled 23% (now closer to 10%) of all TOR exit nodes was running SSL stripping attacks

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