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wallabag is an open source application to save your web articles and allows you to read them later, on your smartphone, your tablet or your ereader.

We live in a time of information overload, I've talked briefly about my habits with the news but now I'd like to talk about wallabag, because I think it's worth considering. Wallabag is similar to firefoxs "pocket" I can't really compare the two since I've only used wallabag.

Why wallabag? I don't know about you but most articles come in from dozens of sites and sources, I'll see them on reddit, 4chan, friends will send me them and then my RSS reader pulls them in from about a dozen different news sites, then you end up mentioning something you read to friend and frantically struggle to find the article or paper - wallabag fixes this, no matter what site you share from it formats it all, no bloat, no clutter just text, it has advanced search features so you can easily find the article you read, it also allows you to annotate parts of articles then export it with your notes and annotations, but the feature that really makes it shine is the automation of tagging[1], tags make organisation easier and allow you to read about certain topics, need a little pick me up? go to your good news tag - the cleanest use of tags I've managed is to have articles automatically sent to my kobo ereader[2] if they'll take me longer than 8 minutes to read since I don't like reading too much on my phone. other tags I have setup are social media, big tech, infosec, privacy, politics, science, studies.

You can also save by email, meaning if a friend sees something they think I'll like they can email it and it'll be formatted and put into wallabag.

There are however some cons, for one the web ui doesn't have a dark theme, there are third party css that do this very well, Nord wallabag[3] is one I use, theres also no pure highlighting, you can only annotate, whatever you annotate gets highlighted but if you hover over it you see an empty text box pop up - ideally you'd be able to just highlight things and to even automate highlighting like you can with rules, if it auto highlighted everything in quote marks it'd enable you to skim read articles a lot easier, or if you could setup different highlighting rules based on the tag you could go a step further, if the tag is infosec it could automatically highlight certain keywords.

I think wallabag could help a lot of people not only deal with the overload of articles but also to read more of them without the dogshit UIs all news sites seem to have, click an article, accept cookies, the site doesn't work without full JS, enable third party JS, refresh, read through, forget to save the link. Wallabag helps you know the time investment before reading - it separates everything into neat categories, you can read on your phone, desktop or ereader, if you ever need to reference an article you can find it easily, all of it in one place nice and organized.

if you find yourself only reading titles of articles then talking about them, find yourself unable to link people to the articles you talk about or just want to read more wallabag could be a practical way of doing it


//My tagging rules
//My wallabako config

//Wallabag nord css

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