June 25th , 2020

What kind of dumb idiot doesn’t have a nextcloud server? I decided to make this post since I’m moving my nextcloud server ‘in house’ because electricity is cheaper than server hosting and because my gambling addiction is really ramping up, cutting costs means I can gamble more so I have more chance of winning money.   I used owncloud then nextcloud so I’ve watched it grow from a piece of shit google drive clone into an incredible peace of shit everything clone, the reason it’s the most important server you’ll ever have is because of it’s vast utility.   First I’m going to break down my uses for it then expand into uses I think will have bigger appeal.

  Bigger appeal (go look these up yourself)

  You can also run nextcloud on a raspberry pi, docker, at home or on a vps (a lot of which offer it prepacked) - so if you’re looking to dip your toe in servers and lessen your reliance on third parties nextcloud is the way to go.  

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