Roku overheating piece of shit

I recently got a roku to replace my raspi media centre, roku can do things like plex but also netflix, amazon prime (for football) without tinkering, a good cheap out of the box experiance. holy shit what poorly designed trash essentially the unit heats up fucking the wifi in the process but it isn't a network issue that's making it buffer every two minutes, it's a roku is a piece of shit with poorly designed passive cooling, so how to fix this bitch? buy a big bag of raspberry pi heatsinks, rip the roku out of it's case and slap heatsinks anywhere you can fit them, then power the device down (unplug it or use a switch) on a regular basis, all of that has got me 1080p buffer free streaming (most of the time) more long term I might 3d print a new enclosure that allows me to have two fans on it with a toggle switch.

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