Are your hobbies for you or someone else?

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Hobby, Noun
A hobby is considered to be a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one's leisure time, not professionally and not for pay.

By the broadest definition people have a lot of hobbies, you most likely have

  1. watching tv
  2. playing games
  3. browsing the web
  4. using social media

Today I went birdwatching, I spotted some fungus but unfortunately didn't have my fungus identification book on me, I bought it recently so that on my walks I could document fungus I see, I took photos of it though, the walk was overall quite nice I wrote in my journal about it, I also recorded a video for an upcoming youtube video I'm working on, I'll edit it tomorrow, Luckily however I brought my headphone so I could listen to music on the walk. Why am I telling you all this? because today I engaged in a lot of hobbies

  1. walking
  2. birdwatching
  3. taking photos
  4. Journalling
  5. Listening to music
  6. Making youtube videos

Now the issue I think I and most people have is a lack of focus on what our hobbies are leading to habitual hobbies, nothing to do watch tv, play video games - the world offers us a buffet of hobbies and we fill our plate but then pick at the same two or three items forgetting about the rest on our plate. I think diverse hobbies are very important and I think the main categories of hobbies everyone should engage in are below with several examples, then I'll break down why I think they're important

  • Analytic - Anything that has a phase of planning or post-analysis, a hobby that needs to be thought about to be fully experienced
  • Creative - Anything that allows self expression and has a clear outcome that's open to interpretation
  • Developmental - Anything that aids you in development of the self or of your abilities as an individual.
  • Mindless - Something that allows you to shut off your mind and stops overthinking
  • Physical - Something that engages the body to work in tandem with the mind, requiring a combination of physical and mental effort, with some sense of progression over time
  • Relationships - Anything that gives you a sense you've strengthened your relationships to others or in some way made the society you're a part of a better place
  • 'Spiritual' - Unfortunately I can't find a better word than this, something that allows reflection on the world whilst evoking some kind of abstract emotional response, to put this in a less pretentious way when looking at a sunset it gives you a sense of the world, your place within it, it also evokes a feeling, but no word fits this feeling perfectly and you can't quite understand why you feel it or what the feeling is.

You might notice several things occur several times this is intentional, things won't fit into each category nicely and you might not even categorise things in the same way I do, this is fine because I think most people can understand category placement by just doing the activity, you'll intuitively know which category you'd place walking in if you go on a walk.


A breakdown of my hobbies

It's worth noting hobbies don't have to be done on a planned basis, maybe you do it when opportunity strikes, I'm going to also use the first letter of each type so you know how I categorise them.

  • [APS] - Walking
  • [A] - Programming
  • [ACR] - Making videos
  • [ACDRS] - Writing (Blogging, Journalling)
  • [ADS] - Reading
  • [C] - Drawing
  • [C] - Taking photos
  • [DPS] - Weight training
  • [DP] - Learning to play guitar
  • [M] - Watching TV
  • [M] - Listening to music
  • [MPR] - Playing games with friends
  • [PS] - Hiking
  • [PS] - Bird watching
  • [PR] - Picking up litter
  • [P] - Speed Cubing
  • [R] - Spending time with family

There are some other hobbies not included since they're quite niche and would require explaining.
Why did I bother writing and posting this? I realised that diverse hobbies are needed to be happy, Hobbies shouldn't just be way to pass the time they should be and offer you something more. Hopefully this makes you look more closely at your hobbies and what hobbies you might like to try out.


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