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🌲Consolations of the forest, Sylvain Tesson

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this books about nature and isolation, shite like that. bloke goes to live in some cabin in the woods, the book is apparently his journals from that time however I think it's clear he intended to publish or distribute the journals from the start because all the writing comes across as grandiose, He also romanticises the woods way too much, maybe it'll get better.

jesus christ it only gets worse it becomes more and more clear that the writer intends to publish or distribute making the entire thing seem incredibly inauthentic.

Im not finishing the book, i refuse to be tricked into reading this entire piece of shit on the probable lie that maybe itll get better I feel disgusted by the way the reviewers all concocted this grand conspiracy to lie to me about this book



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Why productivity matters

To start off with I’d like to talk a little about why productivity matters, If you can improve how productive you are you can take systematic and effective approaches to things that matter to you, this could be work, getting good at video games, learning a new language or something along those lines, I’m defining productivity as a way to increase either overall output , decreases time it takes to reach the desired output, increases quality of the output or a combination of the three. it’s also worth mentioning if something lowers the quality of output below your baseline I consider it worthless - one popular example is adderall it increases how much you output but lowers the quality of the output.

To break down a little why I began to care about productivity it’s because I “work” from home though I use that word loosely if you’ve worked a job that isn’t a 9-5 it’s very hard to ensure you don’t just leave everything till the last minute then make something shitty leading to bad reviews, though if you’re interested in freelancing I’m not a good resource to that, I make under 12k per year and mostly live off money I made on crypto, I don’t want it to seem that I’m rich since I’m not truthfully I just don’t spend much money, most of my big purchases I’ve saved up for instead of buying from my savings or I’ve won a decent chunk gambling and splurged. Back to productivity, if you focus on improving how productive you are you can start to modify your behaviour so you can spend less time for the same output without losing quality, or you can spend the same amount of time for a better quality output, anything you hope to learn, any time you hope to spend can be better spent if you keep productivity in mind, a fairly common anecdote that you might be able to relate to is taking a break from video games - when you come back to them you perform better and enjoy yourself more, then over time it diminishes, if you track certain metrics, for this example it’d be basic, time spent playing, k/d, enjoyment/10 you might find if you play video games for 1 hour less per day you enjoy yourself more and do better, now not only are you performing better at games, you’re enjoying playing them more AND you have an hour of reclaimed time.

Productivity expands just beyond work, it effects everything you invest time in.


Accountability is the most important thing when it comes to productivity, to keep yourself accountable you should set goals with defined due dates and track exactly how much time you’re spending on each project so you can decide is it worth it, tons of time trackers exist however I’ve only used one so it’s the only one I’ll namedrop “timecop” it’s opensource, local only and allows you to export to CVS which is a must have feature, most apps allow exports to CVS files which means you can overlay one apps data with anothers and see if theres any pattern.

As far as task tracking and management goes I’d personally recommend tasks and nextcloud deck they integrate nicely into nextcloud so they’re accessible on all your devices, I also have an NFC tag I tap my phone on in the morning which tells me all my upcoming and in progress tasks - I’ll cover that more specifically later. if I may self shill for a second I wrote a blogpost about why you should have a nextcloud server that’s linked in the shownotes.


This section is all about how you can limit distractions, it’ll be focused mostly on technology use and my personal tricks I’ve learnt overtime, so firstly you obviously need to know what’s distracting to you, and what distractions can you overcome, for me my biggest time sinks were youtube, I’d start listing to it then end up binge watching, a easy way to overcome this was to use my phone for music, I connect bluetooth earbuds to my phone and put my computer headphones in a drawer, this way when the urge to watch just one video arrives I’d have to go get the headphones, plug them in, by the time I’ve even started to do that I’ve realized either it won’t stop after one video or all this effort isn’t worth one video, with most of my timesinks being media related the headphone trick alone is enough to stop most of them by just making them more inconvenient, ones I used to use but no longer do was to turn off notifications for social media apps during “productive” hours since anyone who needs me urgently will have my phone number, everything else can wait, this way you don’t even see the notifications, you can hide them from your lockscreen on android and probably on iphone, it’s much easier to avoid a temptation if it isn’t one easy click away or a flashing light in the corner of your eye, though I don’t have social media anymore so that’s easier, I do socialize a little via signal and email but I only check email in the morning and mid afternoon, in regards to signal I only message a handful of people on that and since they’re my close friends I’m comfortable with not replying instantly if it’s inconvenient, I’ve also heard turning your phone and computer to greyscale helps limit the dopamine hits from colorful sites and software which may decrease the enjoyment of using them and limit temptation that way, I’ve found it to hold true but I only use it after 7pm just to avoid overstimulation before bed moreso than to limit distractions.


Now is when we dive into what data you should track and how to use it to improve certain things, and if stats and numbers isn’t your thing passive pattern recognition is still useful, even without ‘crunching the numbers’ you’ll notice on days where you do something different it has an effect on something else. First I’m going to list all the metrics I track

  1. Sleep quality (lenovo watch x)
  2. Habits (loops habit tracker)
  3. Exercise, inc. type
  4. Meditation (meditation assistant)
  5. Brain
    • Cognition
    • Memory
    • Verbal fluency
    • Reasoning Skills
  6. Time spent on projects (Timecop)
  7. Subjective (Track and graph)
    • anxiety
    • stress
    • quality of output
    • quantity of output

Your brain is dogshit and mostly useless, thats why you should rely upon third party tools, a great test of your memory is something you can do pretty easily using your phone right now, get up the audio recorder, recount something that happened to you today, a nice memory or something, save the file, wait a month then tell the same story and compare the two, you’ll notice how details have changed, how you felt has changed so recording things in a more permanant unchaging way now, as far as active vs passive pattern recognition, in passive you feel like you got more work done on days when you exercised, with active you *know* you got more work done on days when you exercised because you tracked that data for weeks and isolated it by ruling out other factors that might’ve effected the extra work. To bring a more personal example step by step to hopefully show this I had that exact scenario at the time I was tracking perceived quantity of output, exercise, diet and sleep, all obviously play a part on the quantity of work but how should I prioritise and balance the three? obviously when all three were good output was at it’s highest so I ‘randomly’ threw in occasional days without exercise, without sufficient sleep or food, then I did three consecutive days, three days without sufficient sleep, then three days without exercise, then three without a good diet, obviously not all in a row but after I’d done it I found that if it’s a one off day my prioritisation should be 1. exercise 2. sleep 3. food, but if it’s longer periods (3 days+) sleep is the most important, followed by food then exercise. You might not find the same pattern but you might find one, an anecdotal example of passive pattern recognition was switching my morning green tea to 10am-ish instead of 7am helps my overall output, but I never bothered to confirm this since I have no intention of not compulsively chugging green tea and agave nectar. so there wouldn’t be much point however from passively noticing that pattern I’m confident if I just avoided that first morning cup until 10am it’d have a positive effect.

Automation & Apps

This part will hopefully be short and sweet, in terms of apps to automate things two for me that stick out are Tasker and BuzzKill, both cost money but both I consider to be worth it, covering my productivity related tasker configs on the side of my desk are four NFC tags (rectangular) each on electrical tape with markings next to it, cardio, mas, medit, list - I tap my phone on them then tasker kicks in, the first three check off habits in the loops habit tracker app, then it makes a sound, this is to confirm the tag got read and triggered correctly - the final tag ‘list’ is used for the tasks app I use, I tap it and it sends a notification showing any overdue or upcoming tasks in chronological order, so once my day gets started all I have to do is tap my phone and I know what’s on the days agenda, though obviously some things are in my calender, and some things are in desk, since tasks sends you a notification for each task when they become ‘active’ the list serves more of a quick overview. task also syncs with a nextcloud app nicely, another reason to get nextcloud - My BuzzKill setup is much more basic, if I get a notification containing the word “urgent” turn off do not disturb, If I get a signal message turn that conversation silent for 90s this is to deal with when you get multiple messages over a short period instead of the phone going off five times it goes off once, You could also use it so that specific apps, lets say signal and phone calls turn off do not disturb and nothing else does to keep the social media notifications out of sight and out of mind, then just turn that rule on/off as needed - some further apps worth consideration are audio recorder for quick and easy “notes”, joplin for notes that’re more detailed it syncs to nextcloud, offers E2EE, has desktop clients, can add photos, audio, location data to notes making it pretty useful, I often take a quick voice note in audio recorder, hit share, share it with joplin then type it up later (or if I don't care about preserving the audio note I use the note to self feature in signal, which auto wipes in one week), it (joplin) also has nice export to PDF or html options, Next up is Deck, deck is basically a nextcloud trello clone, great for programmers, or anyone looking for post-it style project management. It makes it easy to breakdown and tag projects and parts of projects into manageable chunks, with due dates or if you have multiple users on your nextcloud instance you can assign certain 'cards' to other users an honourable mention is Noice, noice is just a background noise generator, some people like them some don’t, I’ve used it but don’t use it, I vary between lofi hip hop and taylor swift, mostly the older albums pre 2014, with some exceptions from reputation and a couple from the lover album.

Changes I’ve made

On standard notes

Since beginning writing this I've moved from joplin to standard notes, the feature set is around the same, however standard notes has an edge on security - Self hosting is a pain so I use a paid plan, It only allows export to txt file but since it has a markdown editor (and html based editor) it's easy to convert to html or pdf if you wanted -- The main reason I switched was a better mobile experience and it has options to make spreadsheets, I still stand by joplin as a solid note taking option and still use it just as a secondary option.

Due dates

Setting deadlines is obviously helpful for keeping on track, instead of just having a todo list, set up tasks in the tasks app and have it notify you when you need to do it, check it when you wake up so everything you need to do is fresh in your mind.

Smaller Chunks

If a project seems daunting, breaking it up into more manageable and approachable chunks (using desk or tasks) can help you seem less overwhelmed and since there are more steps you get a much more consistent and motivating sense of progress, instead of feeling like you complete one step toward it per week or whatever you'll be taking multiple smaller steps, helping to build consistency.

Juggling multiple projects

another small but helpful thing that's improved my overall productivity is juggling multiple projects, I struggle with burnout very easily, especially with personal projects so once I feel burnout I swap to another project, or I switch up on a regular basis so I'm making consistent progress on them all without burning out on any.


The final anecdotal change I'll mention is how I approach the news, I used to read the news a lot, sometimes just headlines sometimes full articles - now my approach is different one because I have a "podcast" reading some news (News from the aether) and two because I realized the news was lowering my mood and making me less motivated and mostly unnecessarily, 90% of the news I read had no bearing or relevance to my life but it still lowered my mood, so my new approach to news is as follows, I have an RSS reader setup on nextcloud this has huge amounts of news coming into it, I scroll through a couple times a day glancing through headlines, if an article seems interesting or relevant to my life I share it to wallabag (which then pulls that content in a nice unified way and gives them estimated reading times) I apply one of two tags to the article when sharing, 'kobo' or 'newscast' items with the kobo tag get sent to my ereader which is much more comfortable to read on and I read through them all every sunday morning/afternoon - the newscast items are for the news podcast (aether.exposed/links/) which from the third episode forward will be read through on a saturday with a rough script written then recorded and set to publish on the sunday.

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❤️Read this if you have 5 bathrooms

I appreciate you buddy

🤝Trust - How much does it matter?

6 minutes

Today I want to explain why I think trust is over-rated in personal relationships, this includes friendships and to an extent romantic relationships, I think if someones trustful or not doesn’t matter, the thing that matters is if you know if they’re trustworthy or not, to what extent you can trust them and what can you trust them with, first we should break down the different types of trust, from most common to least common.


Hollow Trust:
Hollow Trust is probably the most common but also the simplest form of trust, it’s a platitude with no substance, it’s hollow and carries no weight it’s a claim you can trust them but they’ve never considered what it entails and they won’t consider the fact you trusted them before the trust is betrayed. it’s a hollow statement.

Conditional Trust:
Now conditional trust is the second most common; but is most certainly the easiest to identify especially among friends, First let me define what I mean by conditional trust, it’s fairly self explanatory but since this topic is important to me I’ll be overly clear to avoid any potential confusion. Conditional trust is trust that has a valid or invalid state then a condition that switches the state between the two, a great example of this is in most friendships, it’s a very common condition so it’s an easy one to explore and expose, The most common condition I have come across is friendship i.e so long as we’re friends you can trust me, this becomes obvious when you consider they will happily tell you secrets about their old friends, it’s also common in sexual relationships this comes through as telling you intimate secrets about their ex, now if they’re ex was abusive or something obviously you being told that isn’t a betrayal of trust however being told embarrassing secrets about their ex shows their trust is conditional, as with friends the common condition being maintaining your relationship with them, now in both you actually have very little control over keeping the relationships in a good state, friends can turn on you for no reason, sexual relationships can deteriorate past your control This is why conditional trust carries so much risk, the condition is usually outside of your control so the lifespan of that trust can’t be known, maybe you can trust them for a day, maybe a week maybe your entire life, but since the condition is outside of your control the trust cannot be predicted, you don’t know when the trust will become void. it’s also worth listing off some common conditions I’ve also noticed again the most common I’ve encountered is maintaining the relationship, others would be

  • Trust becomes void for personal benefit
  • Trust becomes void for social benefit
  • Trust becomes void for your benefit

Moral Trust:
Now moral trust is a bit harder to come to a conclusion on but I think it can be the most valuable form of trust for you to apply to others and for others to apply to you, moral trust is similar to conditional trust but the only condition will only ever be morality, if they believe you’re doing something immoral they will break the trust but outside of that they can be trusted, now ask yourself are you trustworthy? if so then you should be able to trust anyone whos morals align with your own since You’d never do anything you consider immoral and if you did you’d be so ashamed you wouldn’t tell anyone anyway, now when it comes to figuring out someones morals we should apply a similar logic to what we did with conditional trust, ignore what they say and focus on their actions, I’ve never heard anyone openly admit they’re a bad person with no morals, I have however witnessed people who claim to be good people act evilly. I know anecdotes aren’t ideal but I’m trying to be vague enough with them that you can think of a similar thing that happened to you. So the main distinction between conditional trust and moral trust is stability, you cannot maintain the condition of trust however once someones moral system is developed it often doesn’t change overnight.

Absolute trust:
At first look absolute trust seems like the ideal type, perfect even however when you dive deeper into it you’ll realize it isn’t one you should want, Absolute trust is trust that is never broken regardless of it, it’s the type of “trust” gang thrive within even if suffering personal consequence such as jail time now absolute trust can only be explored in limited exposure or hypotheticals, again almost all we have is anecdotes and hypotheticals so in anecdotes I’ve met one person who affords absolute trust or at least with limited exposure, unless the trust has been tested then you don’t know if it is absolute, if she was tortured or something extreme I have no doubt she’d betray my trust, as she should. This becomes the major issue with “Absolute trust” it becomes impossible to have a method of verification since it can only be tested with extremes, you can’t distinguish it between conditional trust in which you don’t know the condition, but if you believe it to be absolute you’ll most likely have misplaced faith.


Which circles us back nicely to our central theme, does trust matter? of course, but it’s no where near as important as identifying the type of trust someone offers you, the underlying issue is no one is really trustworthy, they’re trustworthy to an extent and some people to a larger extent but no one completely, So if all trust will be broken given the correct conditions should you trust no one?

My approach to trust is fairly simple, assume peoples trust is hollow until I can figure out if they fall into conditional or moral trust, if I can’t then they remain in hollow trust, I view them as someone to which no trust or privillidged should be afforded, if they fall into conditional then I try to understand the conditions then afford them trust only with things I wouldn’t mind becoming public, if they fall into moral trust I will only ever trust them with things I am certain align with their morals, as far as absolute trust or people who ascribe it to themselves 'you can trust me no matter what, with anything' I consider them the same as those in the hollow trust category because in my experience people who think trust should never be betrayed are usually quite immoral; for example I consider myself to be moral, if all my secrets became public it would be embarrassing but as far as things I’ve done I’m confident I could defend them, because I try to be a good person and act in a way that I’m not forced to hide. However people who act like trust must never be betrayed often have actions or beliefs they wouldn't/couldn't defend or wouldn't stand by.

This seems anti-climatic, all I’ve managed is to break down the types of trust I’ve observed, back it up with anecdotes then explain some system for identification, then my way of dealing with trust…The purpose of this post is to try and convince people to be more cautious of whom they trust, most people aren’t trustworthy but again anecdotally people assume they’re an incredible judge of character, to me claiming you know someones trustworthy when you’ve known them for less than 2 years and have never had a falling out with them seem to me as way too trustworthy, I hope in reading this you reconsider who you trust, reconsider what you trust them with and reconsider how easily you give your trust out.


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📰Twitter should die and quantum computers

Good News

Twitter hit with 250m fine for misuse of phone numbers

  • Twitter uses SMS based 2FA (lmao why?)
  • Twitter then used the phone numbers collected for 2FA for marketing
  • Hopefully then allow proper 2FA methods going forward and people lose trust in twitter

The quest for quantum-proof encryption just made a leap forward

  • Quantum computers could break encryption
  • Lattice-based cryptography [1] [2] is the front runner for post quantum cryptography
  • NSA Spooked by quantum computing
  • NSA is confident in lattice based encryption

China spying bad, US spying fine (TikTok sale to microsoft)

  • China trying to block sale of TikTok to Microsoft
  • If microsoft buys TikTok it won't get banned and will continue to invade privacy of it's mostly underage users

Bad News

OnePlus phones will ship with Facebook services that can’t be removed

  • Oneplus got paid fat stacks to not allow you to remove facebook services but it saves battery life so they're doing you a favor

  • Services will send data even without facebook installed

  • Remember when oneplus used to have cheap phones at good spec then it stopped?

  • Remember when Oneplus used to listen to customers then yeeted the headphone jack anyway

  • Remember when oneplus became a shell of what they once were?

📰TikTok Ban, Bill gates dumb, Twitter


Big Tech is going on trial

  • Hopefully the tech ceos are publicly beheaded
  • amazon caught lying
  • apples app store should burn in a fire
  • tech companies are usually scum
  • a bunch of boomers talking to tech ceos will change nothing

Addressing the July 2020 e-commerce and marketing data breach -- A Message From Ledger’s Leadership | Ledger

  • Exploit led to leaks of email addresses, name, address and phone numbers
  • Not everyone got address etc leaked, if you did expect a ledger email
  • Either way expect some phishing mail
  • No passwords or payment data just contact details
  • Hardware wallets are fine just a data leak
  • They're monitoring for sale of the DB
  • They're focusing more on the eCommerce platform going forward
  • Use a coldcard unless you're some meme tier crypto daytrader

Two TOR Zero days revealed

  • Researcher revealed two claims to have three more
  • Also claimed to have reported them to TOR but they got ignored
  • Claims he has a zero day that could reveal servers real IP (rip drug markets)
  • issue 01 allows full blocking of TOR by ISPs
  • issue 02 allows blocking of users even when using bridges

Bad News

Bill Gates: with private messaging we can’t “intervene” in removing conspiracies and “misinformation”

  • Dumb idiot bill gates thinks in 2D
  • E2E stops censorship of misinformation
  • Doesn't mention the clear pros of E2E
  • Valid worry facebook will set up a system where they can't moderate content so can't be held responsible
  • Why is bill gates saying dumb stuff?

Climate deniers get twice the news coverage of pro-climate messages, study finds

  • Bad news sells
  • News doesn't care about morals so gives disproportional attention to climate deniers
  • why would news outlets care about misinformation if it sells

Coronavirus: Pet cat found to have virus in UK

  • UK chief veterinary officer Christine Middlemiss said: "This is a very rare event, with infected animals detected to date only showing mild clinical signs and recovering within in a few days.
  • "There is no evidence to suggest that pets directly transmit the virus to humans. We will continue to monitor this situation closely and will update our guidance to pet owners should the situation change."
  • An animal's fur could carry the virus for a time if a pet were to have come into contact with someone who was sick.

Good News

Tiktok will hopefully die soon

  • “As far as TikTok is concerned we’re banning them from the United States,” Trump said aboard Air Force On
  • Hopefully he bans it then moves on to all social media that treats users as less than humans
  • TikTok actually had the balls to say they care about privacy
  • "Banning an app like TikTok, which millions of Americans use to communicate with each other, is a danger to free expression and technologically impractical."[1]
  • Chinese law can compel any domestic company to hand over data it has collected on users.
  • https://www.tiktok.com/legal/privacy-policy

[1] Absolute 10iq take when you're talking about a closed source app that collects incredible amounts of user data unnecessarily, anything that isn't truly private and secure is not just a danger to but a direct attack on free expression, sounds like something a teenager who has no understanding of technology or the implications of spying would say

Apples IOS14 changes will hurt facebook

  • Apple adding privacy related features stops our 500 billion dollar company from making as much money :(
  • "We're still trying to understand what these changes will look like and how they will impact us and the rest of the industry"

Any industry that needs to invade peoples privacy to survive should not just die but it should be killed, apple is still a joke but at least with the latest one they tell facebook gets hit with the punchline

Honourable Mentions

Teenagers life ruined for twitter clout

  • Some absolute lads hacked twitter and showed what a joke it is now they're probably going to rot in a cell
  • Seems they got caught by not correctly anonymizing bitcoin before trying to cash out
  • Even they only wanted clout and money hopefully it will start a greater concern among the general public about these platforms

☁️The most important server you'll ever have.

2 minutes

What kind of dumb idiot doesn’t have a nextcloud server?
I decided to make this post since I’m moving my nextcloud server ‘in house’ because electricity is cheaper than server hosting and because my gambling addiction is really ramping up, cutting costs means I can gamble more so I have more chance of winning money.
I used owncloud then nextcloud so I’ve watched it grow from a piece of shit google drive clone into an incredible peace of shit everything clone, the reason it’s the most important server you’ll ever have is because of it’s vast utility.
First I’m going to break down my uses for it then expand into uses I think will have bigger appeal.

  • Trello Clone, Easy way to plan and track big projects, can add multiple users
  • Mindmap, Simple way to plan out networks or lumps of Frankenstein code, good for 'visual learners'
  • Tasks, Great task tracker which can be synced to android, allows you to set deadlines, reminders, priority, recurring, subtasks etc.
  • Phone tracking, easy way to keep track of where you've been, allows other people to view location and history in real time if you're going hiking and don't want to die, allows you to log runs for distance speed etc, can export the data android
  • Cookbook, easy way to grab recipes from all over the web and have them formatted into a nice uniform way, also easy for sharing recipes with friends
  • File backup, pretty self explanatory
  • File distribution, can send links to friends, password protected, self expiring
  • Note taking (Joplin), E2EE, private, secure note taking that syncs between all your devices, markdown editor syncs via webdav
  • Zotero Sync
  • Maps (hike planning)
  • News Reader, My system with this is godtier, news reader pulls all news via rss, I scroll through anything I want to read fully I share to wallabag which then syncs to my kobo ereader using wallabako, easy way to only read the news you're interested in over breakfast on a nice e ink display

Bigger appeal (go look these up yourself)

  • SMS Sync
  • Calendar
  • Contacts syncing
  • Ebook Reader
  • Password manager
  • Bookmarks Sync
  • Video conversion
  • Collaborative Whiteboard

You can also run nextcloud on a raspberry pi, docker, at home or on a vps (a lot of which offer it prepacked) - so if you're looking to dip your toe in servers and lessen your reliance on third parties nextcloud is the way to go.


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