AstraZeneca Vaccine, Dose 01

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor don't get medical advice from me I'm a liar and cannot read and/or write do not trust me.

The day of the vaccine (0)

I was lucky enough to get my first covid vaccination, hours before leaving though the news articles confirming a link between it and blood clots started popping up, I went anyway the odds seem pretty low and as it turns out it seems it was mostly a lot of fuss over nothing, if you don't get blood clots on the first dose you dont seem to get them on the second so five(ish) days after the vaccine check yourself for bruises or a persistent headache or better yet read this after reaching the vaccination center I noticed several men in a microsoft van lurking outside to get anyone who changes their mind, upon entering someone injected me with an rfid chip to “keep me safe” this is all fine and standard practice all over the world I'm told – after booking in I waited then was seen by a nurse who was very nice, the jab was over before I knew it, I had some level of nausea immediately though this was to be expected because I have low levels of anxiety when it comes to medication the nurse was very helpful explaining that an immune response typically takes 8-12hours so any immediate symptoms (excluding allergies etc) are likely just psychosomatic – I then left the center as I did I noticed a red light beeping within my arm I assume this is just some eyesight problem(?)

The next day (1)

During the night the side effects really ramped up, must be the 5g tower that I live near, My resting heartrate jumping quite high, my sleep quality being horrible and my “stress” levels experiencing a shocking jump to be direct I felt horrid, tired and most importantly my brain was so fried I couldn't even enjoy anime, some of this was probably my fault because that week I averaged 1.2L of water per day

My heartrate past 7 days

sleep The sleep was the worst part, no matter how tired I felt I couldn't sleep and when I did it didn't feel like it, it felt like I just spent hours laying in bed with my eyes closed

stress The stress seems accurate considering how awful my body felt but what do I know

Day (2)

On day two things started to get better, mild headache and aches but nothing too serious

The final day (3)

Today I feel fine my injection site hurts a bit still but I feel good as new – unfortunately it's been brought to my attention that a group of people decided the best way to kill off millions was to use some weird vaccine instead of just using tanks and guns? also every doctor and country are all in on it or too stupid to see the truth that my friend learnt from a facebook group?

I will still get the second dose since I've already been implanted with 5g bill gates 666 satan aborted fetus poison autism(?)

On a more serious note who is the real sheep, the person following the advice of almost all scientists, doctors, governments and regulatory agencies or the person who got convinced that all of those people are stupid or lying then opts to not take a vaccine that protects their life and the lives of those around them by a 5 minute facebook video and a 20 minute youtube documentary?

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