To preface all of this, I'm not sponsored by blinkist, I don't think it'll replace reading but I do think it has a valid usecase.

I got a trial of blinkist out of curiosity and decided to use it for books I've already read to get an impression of it and how well does it actually communicate the meaning/message of a book – I don't think it's a perfect replacement for books but I think some books can be distilled down into 10-30 minutes “blinks”

After I wake up I usually will try to go on a 10-20 minute walk before working out, this and sometimes before bed is when I listen to blinks the features it offers make it very usable for casual purposes (like mine) or with features such as the ability to read/highlight/extract the content it even offers use to a more study focused approach.

What I'm trying to say though poorly is blinkist does offer some level of value and I think most people should give it a try but if you do it's important to work it into your routine instead of just letting it be, unless you set aside time for it you probably won't use it.

I'm now going to recommend some blinks I think most people will benefit from

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