Live like you'll never die

My entire life I've heard over and over again “live each day as if it's your last” what stupid, thoughtless and destructive mindset is that, if I live each day as if it's my last I'm taking drugs and banging escorts until I curl up in a ball and die from either exhaustion or dehydration.

I think If you want your life to be good you must live by the opposite, which I am coining “live each day as if you'll live forever” now for a fun easy thought experiment we're going to change reality a bit.

Right now a god appears in front of you and tells you that you'll live forever, you can still get sick, get ill, get injured but you can never die of old age, sickness, illness or anything like that. If you get cancer you will never die from it but it can destroy you in the same way it does others just without the eventual fatality; Being overweight will never kill you, but you'll still get out of breath easily, have chronic pain and other related outcomes. Now what kind of choices do you think you'd make? would you exercise? eat better? avoid known cancer causing compounds? what about your friends, would living forever change how you treated them? what about knowing you'll outlive every family member would you save any negative feelings you have for them till after they've died? I mean you'll literally have all the time to hate them once they're gone right? What would you spend your free time on? would you mindlessly watch tv? spend all your time inside your room?

You don't ruin your life on a single day, you do it day after day walking to your own destruction step by step, if you only ever look at your feet you don't see what you're walking toward and when you look up for the first time it will be an ugly sight, don't worry, the longer you look at it the prettier it gets.


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