The world is ending, relax.

To preface all of this, I'm not sponsored by blinkist, I don't think it'll replace reading but I do think it has a valid usecase.

I got a trial of blinkist out of curiosity and decided to use it for books I've already read to get an impression of it and how well does it actually communicate the meaning/message of a book – I don't think it's a perfect replacement for books but I think some books can be distilled down into 10-30 minutes “blinks”

After I wake up I usually will try to go on a 10-20 minute walk before working out, this and sometimes before bed is when I listen to blinks the features it offers make it very usable for casual purposes (like mine) or with features such as the ability to read/highlight/extract the content it even offers use to a more study focused approach.

What I'm trying to say though poorly is blinkist does offer some level of value and I think most people should give it a try but if you do it's important to work it into your routine instead of just letting it be, unless you set aside time for it you probably won't use it.

I'm now going to recommend some blinks I think most people will benefit from

  • Deep Work, Cal Newport
  • The power of positive thinking, Norman Peale
  • Atomic Habits, James Clear
  • The art of rest, Claudia Hammond
  • The world without us, Alan Weisman
  • To have or to be?, Erich Frommm
  • Conscious, Annaka Harris
  • How to be an epicurean, Catherine Wilson
  • The Aesthetic Brain, Anjan Chatterjee
  • Man and his symbols, Carl Jung
  • Suspicious Minds, Rob Brotherton


Whenever reading any of my posts consider the date it was posted, people change as do our views. readme

It's the day after my second dose, I feel nothing, no side effects. Probably something to do with bill gates.


Whenever reading any of my posts consider the date it was posted, people change as do our views. readme

I think I could turn and live awhile with animals, they are so placid and self-contained, I stand and look at them sometimes half the day long.

They do not sweat and whine about their condition, They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins, They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God, Not one is dissatisfied, not one is demented with the mania of owning things, Not one kneels to another, nor to his kind that lived thousands of years ago, Not one is respectable or industrious over the whole earth.



Whenever reading any of my posts consider the date it was posted, people change as do our views. readme

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor don't get medical advice from me I'm a liar and cannot read and/or write do not trust me.

The day of the vaccine (0)

I was lucky enough to get my first covid vaccination, hours before leaving though the news articles confirming a link between it and blood clots started popping up, I went anyway the odds seem pretty low and as it turns out it seems it was mostly a lot of fuss over nothing, if you don't get blood clots on the first dose you dont seem to get them on the second so five(ish) days after the vaccine check yourself for bruises or a persistent headache or better yet read this after reaching the vaccination center I noticed several men in a microsoft van lurking outside to get anyone who changes their mind, upon entering someone injected me with an rfid chip to “keep me safe” this is all fine and standard practice all over the world I'm told – after booking in I waited then was seen by a nurse who was very nice, the jab was over before I knew it, I had some level of nausea immediately though this was to be expected because I have low levels of anxiety when it comes to medication the nurse was very helpful explaining that an immune response typically takes 8-12hours so any immediate symptoms (excluding allergies etc) are likely just psychosomatic – I then left the center as I did I noticed a red light beeping within my arm I assume this is just some eyesight problem(?)

The next day (1)

During the night the side effects really ramped up, must be the 5g tower that I live near, My resting heartrate jumping quite high, my sleep quality being horrible and my “stress” levels experiencing a shocking jump to be direct I felt horrid, tired and most importantly my brain was so fried I couldn't even enjoy anime, some of this was probably my fault because that week I averaged 1.2L of water per day

My heartrate past 7 days

sleep The sleep was the worst part, no matter how tired I felt I couldn't sleep and when I did it didn't feel like it, it felt like I just spent hours laying in bed with my eyes closed

stress The stress seems accurate considering how awful my body felt but what do I know

Day (2)

On day two things started to get better, mild headache and aches but nothing too serious

The final day (3)

Today I feel fine my injection site hurts a bit still but I feel good as new – unfortunately it's been brought to my attention that a group of people decided the best way to kill off millions was to use some weird vaccine instead of just using tanks and guns? also every doctor and country are all in on it or too stupid to see the truth that my friend learnt from a facebook group?

I will still get the second dose since I've already been implanted with 5g bill gates 666 satan aborted fetus poison autism(?)

On a more serious note who is the real sheep, the person following the advice of almost all scientists, doctors, governments and regulatory agencies or the person who got convinced that all of those people are stupid or lying then opts to not take a vaccine that protects their life and the lives of those around them by a 5 minute facebook video and a 20 minute youtube documentary?


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Recently I've been thinking about productivity, more specifically which things in my life I would consider to be productive. Now I'm going to go a bit semantical and define productive as working to produce something for some kind of personal reward, that reward doesn't have to be money – I think unfortunately capitalism and our fetishization of doing lots of “work” (more accurately working a lot) leads to certain words being muddied; Look at how drastically the meaning of the word work has changed, now work has become synonymous with “your main source of income” what a useless word, almost everyone hates their job. I was tricked by a similar changing of meaning when it comes to productivity but no longer, weight lifting? that's productive, reading? that's productive meditation? that's productive and so on.

The issue with how we currently see productivity is it's always centered around other peoples perception or money, I've spoken to a lot of friends about productivity and I've yet to hear anyone claim something they enjoy and would chose to do anyway is productive, think about how many people would consider reading a book about economics to be productive but wouldn't consider watching a youtube video about economics to be productive, now a good concern here is how much attention is paid but then it's just a matter of scale, neither task is inherently productive, you could skim read a book and I could watch, pause and make notes on a youtube video – so it's not the youtube video that is unproductive it's the engagement with it that defines if it's productive, I came to this realization when a friend was talking about podcasts he's listened to at work, then he whipped out a fucking notebook – the thought of taking notes on podcasts had never entered my mind I always saw them as passive, never as productive.

Lets take another example in which we describe a task without saying what the task is (it'll be easy to guess) Several time per week I set aside about an hour to complete this difficult task, I record all the data I can about it to hopefully improve and to ensure this task remains difficult to complete, some days it's very difficult and seems overwhelming but I do it anyway because I want to continue to progress. I even track my progress and have several long term goals I'm working toward, I've spent hours learning about this subject so that I can further improve and so my approach to it is as good as it can be. Is this task productive? More importantly does what the task is make any difference to if it's productive or not? We probably shouldn't start considering everything to be productive but the line between productive/unproductive seems to lie on you personally and how you chose to define it, Not based on what the activity itself is.

The point I'm trying to put forward is don't let some shit head bosses trick you into thinking you're not productive because you don't earn them more money, don't stress too much about productivity you're almost certainly more productive than you give yourself credit for.



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This post was created in March, 2021
This post was last edited in March, 2021

The intentions of this post is to lay out my current routine as a sort of personal time capsule, though routines should be flexible and develop over time mine has remained roughly the same for a long while now, it might change in the future.



Reading60 Minutes
Meditate20 Minutes
Journal5 Minutes
Exercise30-60 Minutes
Shower10 Minutes
TOTAL TIME:2 hours and 5 minutes - 2 hours and 35 minutes

I think this is probably over the top for most people but I don't mind waking up early if I was trying to cut time I'd cut the reading down to 20 minutes and the meditation to 10 minutes.

There are also other habits in my morning that I try to stick to, such as not looking at any news, messages or emails for the first 2 hours of my day, I also keep most 'social' and time wasting apps blocked until around 5pm using actiondash I've also found the habit of never hitting snooze to be rewarding in the long run, I just set two alarms one of which requires me to get out of bed. I also find exposure to sunlight very helpful even in the winter months.


Journal10 Minutes
Yoga10 Minutes
Meditation5 Minutes
TOTAL TIME:25 Minutes

To give you some level of insight I'm going to talk relative to the time I want to be asleep for, about 2 hours before I want to be asleep I switch to relaxed music like lofi hip hop, actiondash kicks in again blocking social apps and my phone switches to silent, only allowing texts from starred contacts to come through or any phone call I sometimes check signal and will respond to messages if I see them and they're casual but the messages aren't forced upon me, I also turn off my harsh white light and switch to a more dim relaxed orangey/yellow one then turn on an air purifier for about an hour, the routine in the table above is done anytime from an hour to 30 minutes before I want to be asleep. I've found these simple habits have helped a lot with my sleep quality most nights I'm able to consistently get 7 hours of sleep and get to sleep in under 30 minutes


I keep my weekends pretty open and minimal.


On saturday I clean my house, mop, vacuum, change my bedding etc. if I feel like it I'll also do some cardio or yoga


On sunday I alternate between spending the day mostly in bed or going on a walk (averaging 10km) I also don't use my computer or any social/timewasting apps.



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I have a friend who complains about two issues

  1. he doesn't enjoy reading
  2. he doesn't read enough

This post is mostly for him but might also have some more general advice, I read quite a lot, in fact this year alone I've read 7 books, if you like reading it's a numbers game, the average book takes between 5-7 hours so if you just read for an hour a day you'll read 50+ books per year, but if you read in the way people watch tv you'll get through a lot more you may be thinking “what about retention?” do you retain all the movies you watch? in fact have you ever taken effort to retain any movie you've watched? why should my form of entertainment be any different? that being said some books I read for more than entertainment and do have methods to help my retention.

When people say they watch to read they don't usually mean it, they mean they want the things books can teach you but due to elitism of readers any other form of learning is looked down upon. I don't want to discredit books completely if you're trying to learn anything at a high level books are irreplaceable but if you just want to know about something why the hell would you chose a book that'll take hours to read instead of a 20-40 minute youtube video you can take notes on? I chose books because my attention span makes me want to shoot myself watching youtube videos, skimming is very annoying on youtube, most of the time you can watch at 2x speed all the way through but with longer videos you have to either have a good attention span or keep switching between 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x which is really annoying but when reading you can just switch seamlessly between skimming and paying close attention, it also helps that I enjoy reading words make brain go brrrr.

If you don't enjoy reading you shouldn't want to read more than you have to reading rarely has benefits that're unique to books other than egostroking with a bunch of people who've just read wikipedia pages for books so they can pretend they've read the whole thing. Not enjoying reading isn't something to be sad about it's just a personal preference and however much you read is enough, if you begin reading more you'll still be reading enough, if you stop reading as much you'll still be reading enough – when most people talk about wanting to read it's for either

a. talking to others about how much they love reading etc, bordering on aesthetic circlejerking

b. to gain value from having read, education

(a) should be dismissed completely in the age of the ereader the only reason to have books is because you can't get them for your ereader or reference materials, the fact people have hundreds of dollars worth of books (resale value) sat on a shelf that they will never re-read or have never even read will only ever fill me with disgust, there are even apps in which you just scan barcodes, box up your books then slap on a shipping label and they come and collect the books, that have ironically become nothing more than paperweights from you.

(b) is also a mostly silly reason we live in an incredible time in which there are way to become educated on almost any topic without ever reading, youtube videos, online courses, audible – there even exist services to summarise and condense books for you such as SparkNotes and Blinkist some elitists might claim these are not as good as the real thing but I'd strongly argue as someone who reads that a 10 minute summary and then maybe a 15 minute review of a 7 hour book will give you the same level of understanding and insight as reading the book would (though this doesn't apply to all books) you can even have news articles read to you via pocket

Reading isn't for everyone and if it isn't for you be thankful we live in an age in which reading isn't required to learn.



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I recently decided to start using plausible analytics on this blog I already pay for plausible for analytics on another couple sites but I think even if I didn't I'd still pay for plausible – extrinsic motivation has always been something that scared me, I want to do things because I want to, but I don't think that applies to this blog, I write a lot, compulsively and most of it never gets posted anywhere a lot even gets deleted or destroyed but I notice when I see views or any kind of metric go up I feel some sense of responsibility even if just to one person that responsibility doesn't make me feel uncomfortable or pressured it just feel like a nudge to post. has stats built in but they're quite bad and using plausible won't cost me any more money so I may as well use it how I went about using it was based on this post the code with changes for plausible can be found below.

const script = document.createElement('script');
script.setAttribute('defer', true);
script.setAttribute('async', true);
script.setAttribute('src', '');
script.setAttribute('data\-domain', 'DOMAIN HERE DUMMY);



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A friend of mine who studies biomedicine or something, the sort of cool sci-fi type human modification field whatever it may be called(?) recently asked me a question related to it, if you could have your genome edited not only to remove any mental illness you might have but to ensure you couldn’t develop any mental illness in the future would you do it?


the answer at first seems obvious but upon further thought I don’t think it is – my reasoning is mental illness though negative is as much a part of you as any trait you hold (before any psychologists reading this get angry allow me to continue) this isn’t to say you should wish to hold them forever or they make you better, often an issue with the treatment of depression is viewing depression as a core part of who you are, when treatment begins to gain results some even retreat from treatment due to fear that not having depression will somehow make them worse or that being depressed is who they are etc, I do not believe this I believe you should seek to remove any mental illness you have and that you will be better off for it, so why would I possibly be unsure about editing genomes to remove mental illness and ensure they cannot develop? it’s also worth specifying I’m talking only for myself on a society level I see no reason why if possible this shouldn’t be made available to anyone who wants it.


For better or worse mental illness becomes who you are, if you've had it for a long time others view it as a core part of your personality – When I've had drugs that work well my friends have remarked on how I seem like a completely different person.

If you have a mental illness it is a part of your identity, something we like to hold onto.

What about stopping yourself from developing mental illness? This also seems to impact your identity since everyone responds to things in unique ways, If you don't respond to stress well and then you clicked a button ensuring you can't have a mental breakdown then get put under a fuck ton of stress and you respond fine are you still you?


Imagine for a second you have a mental illness, In one scenario you take a long arduous route of therapy, medication, self development, struggle and determination to overcome it, you're not cured but you've managed to regain most of your functioning. In scenario two you click a button and you're good as new, cured, never have to worry about it again.

Doesn't scenario one just intuitively feel more authentic than the other? I think the reason for this is struggle and enduring suffering is a fundamental part of being human, we feel more connected to those that've endured as opposed to someone who's never suffered or struggled in any capacity, we feel more connected to people once they share the tales of their suffering, This feeling of connection I believe stems from authenticity the person becomes more real, more authentic, more human.

To contrast it with traits imagine you struggle with anger, you have three paths forward (a) accept it and do nothing (b) to understand why you’re angry and to spend the rest of your life trying continually to keep it under control or © click a button and it goes away. since I don’t accept (a) as a valid choice and see it purely as a lack of choice it will be ignored, (b) feels the most authentic but does this actually make it the case?

The changing of who we are must feel self guided or it's rejected as completely artificial, the button offers an artificial solution to what is (but doesn't feel like) an artificial problem, I can think of no more artificial constraint of the self than mental illness, it distorts your view of reality, your ability to assess life, it forces moods and beliefs upon you without consent or you willing it, The parts of you that are a result of the mental illness are completely inauthentic and artificial in their design so why should the way we expel them require authenticity? why do we seemingly reject artificial resolutions to an artificial problem?

If the way in which we expel the problem that we've already integrated as part of ourself lacks authenticity then an underlying lack of authenticity is built into the foundations of our new self, with the proposed button leading to permanent indisputable changes I think this is why I recoiled at the thought, my new self would never be capable of true authenticity.

The point of this post isn't I'm right your wrong or anything like that, I thought it was interesting how much I struggled with the question and I've found writing things out in some sort of structure way is great for self understanding – in fact throughout this post I should have used me/I instead of you but I know my answer to the question and why that's my answer so perhaps it would have been pointless to phrase it that way.


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I doubt I'll ever use it or if I do use it much but it's nice knowing I can make paid posts as an absolute extreme I might do paid posts but they go to non paid after a week or something.


Whenever reading any of my posts consider the date it was posted, people change as do our views. readme

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