July 11th , 2020

Why am I making a podcast?

I’ve been interested in content creation since highschool, I made a youtube channel and filled it with silly videos of me having fun with friends, reached around 20k subscribers then horror struck as I got dox’d, I deleted all the videos and then the channel and stopped altogether, but now I’m older and realized I’d like to feel heard and expand my hobbies into some at least partially creative, so I started a blog, it’s early days but I realize not all content is fitting for blogposts but I’ve been enjoying it so I figured I’d expand even further into content creation.

Intentions of the podcast?

I’d also like to layout my short term and long term intentions with the podcast, because I believe that’ll offer some insight into how long it will run for and what it’s likely to encompass, I have no intention of podcasting becoming my job I think if it did it would risk sullying it, I’ve thought for a while about starting a podcast and my intentions are maybe to have some level of engagement like people emailing me (aether@outis.be) and at least a few regular listeners, in the more long term obviously I’d like to make *some *money off my podcast, though just enough to cover the cost of it $10 a month, but for the first season that wouldn’t ever be a concern and it’s unlikely it would in the future.


To break down my current plans for season one may be a bit preemptive since any of these topics may change but it should give a rough idea of the things I like to talk about, these are in no particular order.

- The importance of mobile privacy - Why you should care about privacy - Why I think mobile privacy is so undervalued - Why it’s so incredibly important - steps you can take to protect your privacy on mobile - Issues with self improvement - how ‘self improvement’ youtubers often don’t provide any real help - how well intentioned channels quickly become manipulative and exploitive - how most self improvement youtubers might be causing harm - self education - Value of education - Education as a hobby - Resources for education - Exercise - How exercise still manages to be underrated - The mental benefits of exercise - Anecdotal benefits of exercise - Self reliance - You’re the only person you have - Comfortable in looking after yourself - If you can rely upon yourself others can rely on you - Increase potential outcomes - Psychedelics - My experience with psychedelics - What value I think they have - Why psychedelics make you much more egotistical - Original scientific research - New research - Meditation - My personal experience of meditation - Benefits I’ve noticed - Roadblocks - Changed perceptions - Scientific research - Give us your money to be calm and other un-needed things - Armchair psychology - How basic psychology knowledge helps you in life - How it can help you better understand yourself - How it helps you understand others - don’t psychoanalyze people - authenticity and content creation - Can you trust anyone who profits off you? - How do you know anything a content creator says is true - The many motives for lying - Should you give more to charity? - How “donating” $1000 to charity effected how I see money - “selfishly” giving to charity - What standard should you hold yourself to?


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