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This post was created in March, 2021
This post was last edited in March, 2021

The intentions of this post is to lay out my current routine as a sort of personal time capsule, though routines should be flexible and develop over time mine has remained roughly the same for a long while now, it might change in the future.



Reading60 Minutes
Meditate20 Minutes
Journal5 Minutes
Exercise30-60 Minutes
Shower10 Minutes
TOTAL TIME:2 hours and 5 minutes - 2 hours and 35 minutes

I think this is probably over the top for most people but I don't mind waking up early if I was trying to cut time I'd cut the reading down to 20 minutes and the meditation to 10 minutes.

There are also other habits in my morning that I try to stick to, such as not looking at any news, messages or emails for the first 2 hours of my day, I also keep most 'social' and time wasting apps blocked until around 5pm using actiondash I've also found the habit of never hitting snooze to be rewarding in the long run, I just set two alarms one of which requires me to get out of bed. I also find exposure to sunlight very helpful even in the winter months.


Journal10 Minutes
Yoga10 Minutes
Meditation5 Minutes
TOTAL TIME:25 Minutes

To give you some level of insight I'm going to talk relative to the time I want to be asleep for, about 2 hours before I want to be asleep I switch to relaxed music like lofi hip hop, actiondash kicks in again blocking social apps and my phone switches to silent, only allowing texts from starred contacts to come through or any phone call I sometimes check signal and will respond to messages if I see them and they're casual but the messages aren't forced upon me, I also turn off my harsh white light and switch to a more dim relaxed orangey/yellow one then turn on an air purifier for about an hour, the routine in the table above is done anytime from an hour to 30 minutes before I want to be asleep. I've found these simple habits have helped a lot with my sleep quality most nights I'm able to consistently get 7 hours of sleep and get to sleep in under 30 minutes


I keep my weekends pretty open and minimal.


On saturday I clean my house, mop, vacuum, change my bedding etc. if I feel like it I'll also do some cardio or yoga


On sunday I alternate between spending the day mostly in bed or going on a walk (averaging 10km) I also don't use my computer or any social/timewasting apps.


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