Stop being an introvert. They're bad.

Disclaimer: In this post when I use the words introvert/introverted I am not referring to the spectrum of introversion I am talking about the way people commonly use introvert as a sort of psychological immutable immutable characteristic that you are.

The category of introvert

I hate people who describe themselves as an introvert, I would probably hate people who describe themselves as an extrovert as well, if they existed that is. I could have a biased sample or something but I've never heard anyone describe themselves as an extrovert, everyone seems to think they're an introvert which if that's the case they aren't, they become the baseline people who describe themselves as introverts can be split into the following 1) people who want to feel like they're better than others. – introverts are reflective and introspective, extroverts are loud and shallow – introverts are enough for themselves 2) people who want to be able to dismiss shitty and selfish behavior – cancelling plans at the last minute – categorizing someone as an extrovert then judging them because you say them socialize once 3) people who collect labels because they crave identity The more tshirts I see making reference to being an introvert the soonerm y inevitable mental breakdown comes please stop you don't need coasters that say I'm an introvert, please stop how many things do you need to buy that all express the same sentiment of “I don't like socialization, you know that thing that's core to human happiness and experience” it doesn't meant you look good it makes you look pretentious. You're not better than others because you denounce socialization and community as a mortal sin.

The negative traits that accompany introverts

Usually introverts will come with a bundle of things that would make you think they're a shitty person, but you don't because they're an I N T R O V E R T so it's ok, I've tried to keep this list to the most telling things but if you want examples check out any introvert meme pages on reddit of facebook or wherever and you'll see nothing but shitty behavior dismissed as quirky – cancels on plans often – avoids talking to people because they need to “recharge” – judges people harshly for liking socialization If someone did these things you'd think they're a shitty person and a shitty friend but what about if I told you they self describe as an introvert? for some reason now it's ok?

The dismissal of clear symptoms of mental illness/dysfunction

The three above examples are all clear symptoms of either mental illness or the brain not functioning normally, these traits are not normal or desirable.

“Who I am”

My main gripe with introverts is the idea it is in fact a part of 'who you are' this implies that it's unchanging and makes up a part of you which is going to lead to an acceptance of negative traits instead of you seeing them as something to be fought against and overcome, kind of like how viewing yourself as depressed vs viewing yourself as someone experiencing depression not only effects likeliness to get treatment but the success and relapse rate of the treatment with the second being more favorable. It's nice to have identity but if you allow negative traits to become a part of your identity you're digging your own grave.

Introversion can change

I could come up with real life examples but everyone will experience introversion in various degrees based on how you feel to begin with and what the situation is, you can fill in this example with memories from your own life.

Redundancy of the category

Hopefully I've established that a) introversion being self reported and seen as desirable means people will want to (and can chose to) belong to this category b) the category of introverts is a negative one that you shouldn't want to belong to. c) aligning “who you are” to introvert will cause you harm d) Your levels of “introversion” vary based on a ton of factors on a regular basis

Now before I make this claim remember the disclaimer at the top “Introvert” is a useless, harmful category that can never be accurate since anyone can/does say they're an introvert and if you've ever called it yourself you should overcome the traits and cringe when you look back on the times you would define yourself by such a negative shitty collection of traits.


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