This episode I describe how we see, meaning how our eyes focus, convert light information into electricity the rest of the brain can understand and how our brain creates the incredible thing we experience as “sight”. –> Podcast Link


  • Get exposure to sunlight in the morning and evening (in winter consider blue light lamps)
  • Several studies in thousands of people as to how to stop myopia (near sighted-ness)
    • 2 hours outside has significant chance of reducing risk of myopia
    • could be caused by looking at things at a distance
    • also seems to relate to sunlight
    • does not work through windows
  • holding visual focus may help you hold mental focus
  • accommodation is the ability to focus on close and far objects
    • looking at things far away is relaxing due to flattening
    • healthy eyes dilate when looking at things far away
    • you need to look at things up close and far away
  • look at things far away on a regular basis ideally not through a window
    • every 30 minutes of close work allow eyes to unfocus and face to relax
    • every 90 minutes look at something far away and allow eyes to relax (panoramic vision)
  • Self generated optic flow
    • visions moving past as body moves through physical space
    • not motorized vehicles
    • bicycles and running work
  • Looking up promotes wakefulness (10-15s)
  • Sleep in a very dark room
  • Spend 10 minutes a day looking at things at least 1KM away
  • Smooth pursuit training (youtube videos, bird watching, car watching)
  • Snellen chart improves vision if you try it on a regular basis

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