The Footie players are dying

Have you not heard gazza this fookin vaccines killin footie players left and right with heart attacks, defo not safe lad think about it if it's killing professional athletes imagine how bad it'd fook you up.

There is one point I want to put forward then I'm going to focus purely on stats, professional athletes are on PEDs and regularly push themselves to the extreme, they're not a shining bastion of health

All the stats are sourced from here though I'm going to leave out some cardiac events and heart attacks based on how confident it seems – before you go huffing and puffing about integrity this means my number are if any underreporting up until the year vaccines started becoming widespread (2020) for 2020 I'm going to count absolutely everything that might have been, this way every pre-vaccine heart issues are underreported and 2020 is overreported to add strength to my point whilst also strengthening the view that vaccines are to blame.

Starting from 1950 (it's worth noting as time increases you would expect to see an increase in deaths due to an increase in players)

Decade Total Heart related Percentage
1950-1959 2 1 50%
1960-1969 3 1 33%
1970-1979 6 3 50%
1980-1989 9 4 44%
1990-1999 12 6 50%
2000-2010 48 13 27%

Now since we're closer to our point of interest I'm going to break down the past five years (roughly) 2016-2021

Year Total Heart related Percentage
2016 13 9 69%
2017 11 5 45%
2018 9 4 44%
2019 10 5 50%
2020 3 2 66%
2021 21 10 47%



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