“We do not belong to those who have ideas only among books, when stimulated by books. It is our habit to think outdoors – walking, leaping, climbing, dancing, preferably on lonely mountains or near the sea where even the trails become thoughtful.”

I've decided to start walking every sunday, try and expose myself more to nature – I exercise quite a bit but don't go outside nearly enough. The first month of weekly walks will be documented here. In the future I will probably post an update to this page and a separate post if I continue doing it.

First walk:

I recently got some barefoot shoes made from recycled plastic etc, it was much more comfortable walking in the compared to my other shoes (a pair of which where high quality nikes) I doubt I'll ever go back to normal shoes. Weather was pretty nice saw a bunch of surgical masks just dumped, why not just put it in a bin? another thing that made me slightly sad was a jogger with a dog, it was a small dog struggling to keep up with him, basically being dragged along by it's neck. speaking of animals I saw a lot more wrens (unfortunately named troglodytes, troglodytes) and a crow, I might take my walk to a local forest soon and bring my bird identification book, I've been trying to spot a starling for a while now.

I also found a huge set of blackberry bushes, though most seemed to be small, they're currently in season so my guess is someone else is foraging there, I'm going to put a ziploc in my pocket on each walk and check in each time, grab some for my daily smoothie.

Second Walk:

This second walk was refreshing but a lot different, it felt like I was just 'powering through' the walk, I saw people, they saw me I walked near my old highschool, it was weird I'd not been near it in probably half a decade, I'm going to start revisiting my old teenage hangouts for nostalgias sake.

Third Walk:

For the third walk I decided to be more nature focused, 90%(+) of my 5.5km walk was spent in the woods, I sat down, ate, drank and read for a while – it was incredibly peaceful throughout certain points you'd forget the world existed, no cars, no talking, no movement, no man made objects just quietness. I very much enjoyed it.

Forth Walk:
* Distance, 6.09km * Total Time, 1hr28m * Moving time, 1hr24m * Avg. Pace, 14:30min/km

For the forth walk I decided to record audio notes during it instead of writing from memory the day after a walk, so this entry should be the longest and will read more like a transcript.

It's pretty cold today, should have worn something warmer, didn't realize how cold it could be when the suns out – I wonder what it'll be like walking in winter, or the rain, or the snow.

I've walked into some smaller woodlands and needed a piss so I had one at the side of the trail, a woman who was walking her dog told me it's disgusting and I should get some self respect, I wonder if she says the same to her dog when he pisses, it was my first conscious praxis relating to cynicism

I saw some litter and decided to pick it up it took me a few seconds, a woman saw me do it, that's not why I did it, I read an article once that essentially said if someone sees you do a good deed they're more likely to do one themselves – I wonder if I continued to pick up litter that seems reasonable, not going incredibly out of my way but just see litter if theres a bin nearby pick it up and bin it, each walk you might pick up a few pieces but it'd have a pretty substantial impact over a year – it's pretty crazy how just a small basic thing can lead to something greater.

I ate before todays walk, it was a good choice, I feel less fatigued and carried some water. I've been thinking more about the litter thing, if I line my rucksack with a binbag I could pick up recyclables and put non recyclables in bins, carry some handwash. I think most people, even teenagers who probably litter when they're actually having a nice day or a solitary walk seeing a bit of litter can be annoying.

I've took a bit of a nostalgic walk today, some of the places me and my friends used to hang around, it makes me kind of sad, the time of being a young carefree kid are gone, I realize as well you spend a lot of your teenage years just walking around, talking with friends. [some audio here was lost to wind]

I walked past my old highschool, it was around a decade ago I started highschool there, it doesn't feel that long ago, When you're a kid you can just have fun, climb a tree, run around do whatever but as an adult you can't really have fun, it's weird if you do, it's weird if you're an adult and even for a minute you act like a carefree kid, climb a tree, balance along a wall do whatever.

Conclusion I think walking's had a beneficial effect on me overall, it's nice to go outside, up until this point the weather has been favorable and I think the habit will stick, not the most exciting conclusion but that's how it is, my experience wont be yours, I think no matter who you are setting out some time each week to go outside, on your own, not looking constantly at your phone or snapchatting etc is nice, it really calms the mind, a lot of the time you aren't really thinking much at all.

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